Why, hello there.

We're a security and development consultancy based in Toronto, Canada.

We can help you identify and manage your information technology uncertainty and liability.

We can rescue your app, audit your code and your infrastructure, and automate your business.

Our services include:


You built your product and it's out there. Now what?

We'll find what's wrong, tell you what the risks are, and help you fix it.

We obsess about information security so that you don't have to.

We provide penetration tests, code audits, and vulnerability and threat assessments.


Does your business live inside a spreadsheet?

Are you looking for a prototype to validate your business model?

We are really passionate about the internet.
We're great at building new Ruby on Rails apps, and improving existing ones.

We make products too:


We can monitor any modern Ruby application and let you know about security updates to your dependencies.

Learn more at https://gemcanary.com

You might know some of our clients:

Lastly, we consist of:

Max Veytsman is pretty passionate about security. Before joining State Machinery, he worked at a security consultancy helping financial and healthcare industry clients create more robust web and mobile applications. Nowadays, Max straddles the line between building and breaking, dividing his time between development and penetration testing.

Max has been a speaker at many security conferences, and has taught students around the world to hack web and mobile applications.

Phillip Mendonça-Vieira has always been into the internet. After working for large financial institutions, he found himself building out an early-stage startup and hasn't looked back since.

Phill has helped organize five technical conferences, and gives talks at local user group meetings. He's spent most of his career building webapps in Ruby on Rails and copious amounts of Javascript for organizations of all sizes. He's helped throw one interactive dance party.

Get in touch!

Email us at hello@state.io

Our office is on the third floor of 20 Camden St, Toronto.

You can reach us by telephone at +1 (877) 828-8881